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Military Radio Network Simulation and Planning Software, Model:ICS WARFARE

HTZ warfare features a comprehensive set of radio planning capabilities that enables the design and optimization of military communication networks for frequencies ranging from a few kHz up to 450GHz. Unique electronic warfare and tactical communications functions allow accurate simulation of the battlefield for advanced mission planning.

HTZ warfare is developed for and used worldwide by:
C4ISR: Computerized Command, Control, Communications , Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance services
  1  Armed forces (Air, Navy, Land) 
  1  Police, emergency, border patrol and security services 
  1  Military spectrum regulators 
  1  MODs 
  1  Tactical communications 
  1  Military equipment makers

Main functions of HTZ warfare

Radio planning
Network coverage calculation 
  1  Interference analysis 
  1  Automated frequency planning 
  1  Spectrum management 
  1  Network optimization 
  1  Civilian technologies 
  1  Co-existence management 
  1  Aeronautical capabilities 
  1  Digital cartography 
  1  Google Earth export 
  1  Online access to worldwide maps 
  1  Frequency from a few kHz up to 450GHz 
  1  Interoperability with SQL and XML databases

Electronic warfare
Battlefield communications modeling 
  1  On-The-Move capabilities
  1  Microwave links 
  1  Jammers 
  1  Direction finders 
  1  Interception 
  1  UAV, MLAT calculations 
  1  PMR and trunked radio systems

HTZ warfare comes as an “all-in-one” solution covering the full radio spectrum and all radio technologies. It is provided with worldwide cartographic data base including digital terrain model, clutter and image layers.


To study jamming efficiency, interception and band sharing, HTZ warfare can simulate networks in a random mode. In that mode, the new network is composed of a random number of users in a given area. The size of the network is not limited.

Statistical charts illustrating simulation results extensively describe interactions between existing and future networks.


Comparison Measurement/Prediction
HTZ warfare imports fields strength measurements in various formats, analyses them and then compares them against predicted area coverage along the same route. From a graph of measured verses predicted and by analysing an associated correlation file the user can confirm use of the appropriate model or where variance is found, to optimise the model for the environment encountered.


Terrain Profile and Path Budget
HTZ warfare has a range of different functions allowing the creation of terrain profiles between two stations. These profiles take into account the ground occupancy between the two link terminals and this can then be edited following ground surveys. A passive repeater can be used.

Complete path budget calculations are generated automatically for digital or analogue microwave links containing free space loss, diffraction and ultimately, path reliability. The path analysis takes into account multiple ground reflections. HTZ warfare also considers space diversity and optimises the installation of a second reception antenna.




Direction finders
HTZ warfare features a direct interface with a Direction Finding system. HTZ warfare can receive messages, store the locs, correlate the bearings coming from several direction finders and display the results on the map.


Radar coverage and interception
This function calculates the coverage of a ground based radar system, positioned by the user, against a target of known radar cross section at different height intervals. HTZ warfare also examines the vulnerability of a ground based or air radar to interception, simulates countermeasures, calculates the Doppler effect…


Definition of Microwave links
All links are defined by the technical characteristics of the two terminals. These characteristics can be entered through individual parameters or by selecting terminal equipment, antennas and feeders from a user built database.


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