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Prepaid by Mobile Phone SMS, Model:VIP Prepaid®
The VIP Prepaid is a an optional module of the VIP Control® condi-tional access system.

The aim of the VIP Prepaid is to allow broadcasters to develop pre-paid subscription increasing this way their ARPU in a significant manner.  

The Prepaid subscriptions can be sold directly to final users. In this case subscribers purchase activa-tion codes associated to subscrip-tion package that they can activate at per their future needs sending a SMS thanks to their mobile phone. 

Prepaid subscriptions can be dis-tributed as well through reseller network. This model in particularly suitable for emergent countries. In this model resellers pre acquire subscription activation codes in volume and resell the associated activation codes to their neighbouring. When a end user purchased a prepaid sub-scription to a reseller, he sends the associated activation code through a SMS with its mobile phone. The activation code is translated in a subscription sent on the network and the end user receive a confir-mation of the subscription activa-tion on his mobile phone. 

The Enigma Systems exclusive Prepaid technology allows to make virtual the prepayment support, using the widely available mobile phone technologies. The approach developed by Enigma Systems does not require special agreement with big mobile phone companies to de deployed.  

Furthermore this approach sup-presses numerous drawbacks of the classical prepaid card (steals, logis-tics constraints, …) conducing to a more secure approach for the broadcaster business.  
1—Prepaid subscription Payment
2—Activation Codes provided by SMS
3—Activation Codes Purchased by Subscriber
4—Subscription Activation
5—Activation Processed by Billing system
6—Acknowledge to Subscriber
7—Notification to CAS server
8— Subscription Broadcast on TV network
9—Rights Reception by Subscriber

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