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Digital Terrestrial TV Channel Simulator, Model:Vega
The most integrated and cost effective multi-standard channel simulator for:
1 Chipset designers
1 Receiver manufacturers
1 Laboratory experimentations
1 Broadcasters
1 Satellite operators
Vega, RF Channel Simulator, is the right tool to test and qualify your mobile and fix receivers for any kind of Digital TV standards. Thanks to its powerful real time process, from your basic original signal, Vega can produce a realistic broadcast transmission to check the good behavior and the limits of your receiver on the field. With Vega, a wide panel of laboratories, chipsets and receivers manufacturers have the tool to secure time-to-market, performance, quality assurance for their products and services. Dedicated to Tests & Measurement, Vega exists in two form factors (Rack form and Lab form) for a better installation inside your facility (R&D, Production Lines,…).
High Performance & Reliability:
The VEGA RF Channel Simulator supports VHF band, UHF Band and S-Band signals (others frequencies band on request). Covering 1.5 MHz up to 10 MHz Channel bandwidth signals, VEGA handles the terrestrial, satellite and hybrid channels propagation modes. It’s compact and easy to use.
Key Features:
1 Real time channel profile simulations
1 Up to 20 adjustable terrestrial paths
1 AWGN generation (white noise generator)
1 Adjustable Bandwith capabilities from 1.5 MHz up to 10 MHz
1 Fading generator
1 Doppler modes: classical, pure, flat, Gaussian + Rice Doppler profiles
1 Simulation of your specific satellite profiles
1 Remote control programming
1 LMS* (Land Mobile Satellite) profile
1 Preset profile for DTV standards

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