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Digital MMDS Transmitter, Model:Symphony-M-5W,10W,20W,50W
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Main Feature
   项目符号  Solid State GaAs FET Technology Broadband Amplifier   
   项目符号  Ultra Linear and Lower Power Design  
   项目符号  Low Phase Noise for Digital QAM and COFDM Application  
   项目符号  Digital Power Range: 5W,10W,20W,50W  
   项目符号  Output Protected against Open Circuit, Damage by Excessive VSWR  
   项目符号  High Accuracy Internal Clock Reference and External Clock Input  
   项目符号  Modular Design to Ease Installation, Upgrade and Maintenance  
   项目符号  Powerful Fan Air Cooling at Rear of Transmitter  
   项目符号  Reliable Power Supply  
   项目符号  Support Manual and Automatic Redundancy  
   项目符号  Built-in Automatic Self-diagnostic Circuitry for Immediate Identification of Faults  
   项目符号  Local and Remote System Configuration and Supervision
Technical Specification  

IF Input: 
Input frequency range: VHF~UHF 
Input signal Level: -17dBm 
Input Return Loss: >15dB 
Input connector: 75Ω F/N-Female

RF Output: 
Frequency Range: 200MHz in 2100MHz to 2900MHz 
Frequency Stability: +/- 500Hz 
Flatness over 200MHz bandwidth:1dB 
Flatness over 8MHz bandwidth: 0.3dB 
Output Powers: 2W,5W,10W,20W,50W 
Output power stability: 1dB 
Harmonic level: <-60 dBc 
Spurious Level: <-60dBc 
Output Return Loss: >19dB 
Output connector: 50Ω/N-type-Female

Local Oscillator(LO): 
LO frequency: 2033MHz typical,or user request
LO frequency stability: ±500 Hz

External Clock Reference (Option): 
External 10MHz reference level: 0 dBm to 7 dBm
10MHz clock ref connector: 75Ω/SMA-Female

Noise figure: 6.0dB(Typical) 
 Vector Magnitude Error(EVM): 2% 
Signal over Noise Ratio @8MHz: 40dB 
AM-AM Linearity:0.3dB 
AM-PM Linearity: 2 Degree 
Group delay: 30 ns

Control & Monitoring 
Local Front panel and LCD displayer 
Remote RS-232, DB-9 interface 
IP control ,RJ-45 interface

Physical Conditions: 
Cooling system: Forced air cooling 
Working temperature: -10~+45℃ 
Working humidity: 10~75% 
Storage temperature: -55~+85℃ 
Storage humidity: 0~90%

Power supply: 
AC 220V +/-10% 
Power Consumption: see table 
Dimension: see table

 Output Power and Physical Dimension:


 Digital Power

 Power Consumption

 Dimension & Weight

 Symphony-5W  37dBm  160W  600x485x175mm  17kg
 Symphony-10W  40dBm  300W  600x485x175mm  22kg
 Symphony-20W  43dBm  320W  600x485x175mm  22kg
 Symphony-50W  47dBm  750W  Preamplifier: 600x485x175mm 17kgBackamplifier: 600x485x175mm 25kg

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