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 Multi-Stream DVB-S2 Distribution System
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The useful bandwidth of DVB-S2 is more than 120Mb/s for a satellite transponder of 36MHz. This makes it possible to distribute, on the same satellite transponder, the digital terrestrial TV signals of several operators. It is supported by DVB standard EN

ETSI EN302307 using the Input Stream Identifier (ISI) in the multi stream. A typical application is to distribute up to 5-6 digital terrestrial TV operators’ signal. Refer to the diagram below, the TS combiner and Splitter is transparent. This architecture can even support the SFN of each DTTV operator. In the 1st diagram, the DVB-S2 professional demodulator can output up to 5 independent TS. These TS can be used to feed the terrestrial transmitters. In the 2nd diagram, the multi stream satellite receiver can also be integrated inside the terrestrial transmitter.
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