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Dual Mode DTTV MIP and SIP Inserter, Model:Tenor-SMIP
Main Feature 
Fully compliant with DVB-T(H) TS 101191 standard
      1 Fully compliant with DMB-T GB 20600-2006 chinese standard
   1 2 TS inputs with Redundancy, Auto Switching, Bit Bate Adaptation
      1 MIP and SIP insertion of 1pps and 10MHz from GPS
   1 Management of TX ID, TX Time offset, TX Power through MIP, SIP
   1 Internal and External clock reference management
   1 In Hierarchical, MIP insertion in HP&LP TS
   1 RS232 Control and Supervision or IP Web browser in option

Technical Specification


 1 2 ASI Inputs BNC female, 75Ohm
 1 In non- Hierarchical,2 ASI Inputs in redundancy mode
 1 In Hierarchical,2 ASI Inputs in HP and LP mode
 1 Support 188 / 204 packet, packet mode and burst mode
 1 Bit Rate Adaptation, NIT update and PCR Re-stamping

DVB-T(H) Mode
 1 FFT=2k,4k,8k
 1 FEC=1/2,2/3,3/4,5/6,7/8
 1 Guard Interval= 1/4,1/8,1/16,1/32
 1 Bandwidth=5,6,7,8MHz
 1 Hierarchical mode: Alpha=1,2,4
 1 Inner Inter-leaver=Native, In-Depth

DMB-T Mode
 1 FFT=1, 3780
 1 4QAM,16QAM,64QAM, 4QAM –NR, 32QAM
 1 FEC=2/5,3/5,4/5
 1 Guard Interval= 1/4,1/7, 1/9
 1 Bandwidth=6,7,8MHz
 1 Time Inter-leaver=240,720

MIP and SIP Processing
 1 Computes and inserts 1pps and 10MHz external reference in MIP and SIP
 1 Insertion of modulation control information:FFT, GI, FEC, Constellation, Bandwidth, etc
 1 Max network delay insertion
 1 Management of Tx ID, Tx Power, Tx Time offset through MIP and SIP




MIP&SIP Control
 1 Mandatory MIP Control:Constellation, Hierarchy Info, Code Rate, Guard Interval, Transmission Mode, RF Bandwidth
 1 Optional MIP Control: TX_Time_Offset;TX_Freq_Offset; TX_Power_Offset; Cell_ID; Private Data
Mandatory SIP Control:Constellation, FEC Rate, Guard Interval, Time Interleaver, Single Multiple Carriers, Dual Pilot, PN Phase
Optional SIP Control:TX_Time_Offset; TX_Freq_Offset; Power_Offset; Mute

MPEG-TS Output
 1 2 ASI Outputs BNC female, 75Ohm
 1 In non- Hierarchical Mode:MIP insertion for 2ASI outputs with same TS
 1 In Hierarchical Mode: MIP Insertion of HP & LP 2TS
 1 Support 188 / 204 packets,

Clock Reference
 1 High accuracy internal 10MHz clock reference
 1 Typical Stability: 0.5ppm; Aging: 0.8ppm/yea
 1 External 10 MHz and 1pps reference from GPS for SFN

Control and Supervision
 1 Local control:6 buttons, LCD screen, LED
 1 Remote control: RS-232 or WEB browser through IP Ethernet RJ-45 in option
 1 User friendly man machine interface

Physical condition
 1 Operating Temperature: 0~50 degrees
 1 Storage conditions: -10~70 degrees
 1 Humidity: 10%~80%
 1 Dimension: L=540mm W=483mm H=44mm (1RU)
 1 Weight: Net 7kg, Gross 10 kg


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