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Digital Terrestrial and Mobile TV Gap Filler, Model:Opera-GAP-30W/50W



Main Feature
          23   Support Major Digital Terrestrial and Mobile TV Standards:
          23  Channel Bandwidth: 6MHz or 8MHz
          23  RF Input: VHF or UHF with step of 1Hz
          23  RF Input Range: -72dBm to -10dBm
          23  Noise Figure < 10dB
          23  Input Level AGC Squelch
          23  Adjacent Channel Interference: > 35dB
          23  RF Output: VHF or UHF with step of 1Hz
          23  RF Output Level: 30W/50W
          23  Max MER : 34dB typical, MER loss<2dB
          23  Spectrum Shoulder > 45dB
          23  Transit Delay: 5us
          23  Echo Cancellation Range: 1.5us to 448us
          23  Echo Cancellation: <40dB
          23  Gain Margin: -12dB max
          23  Powerful Linear and Non-linear Pre-correction
          23  Digital Shaping Filter Pre-correction
          23  IP Web Browser Control and Supervision, SNMP in Option
          23  Compliant with ATSC special Gap Filler Features


 Technical Specification


Equipment Working Mode:
   23  Iso-Frequency Gap Filler
Hetero-Frequency Transposer

RF Input:
   23  Frequency range:
    VHF frequency range: 170 MHz to 240 MHz
    or UHF frequency range: 470 MHz to 860 MHz
   23  Frequency step: 1Hz
   23  Channel bandwidth: 6MHz or 8MHz
   23  Input level range: - 72 dBm to -10 dBm
   23  Typical input level: - 55 dBm
   23  Max input level: 0 dBm
   23  AGC squelch: -75 to -10dBm, +/-3dB
   23  Noise figure:<8dB
   23  Doppler filter (max frequency):10Hz
   23  Adjacent channel interference (QEF):
    Analogue > 35 dB, Digital >35 dB
   23  Return loss:>13dB
   23  Input connector type: N female, 50ohm

RF Output:
   23  Central frequency:
    VHF frequency range: 170 MHz to 240 MHz
    or UHF frequency range: 470 MHz to 860 MHz
   23  Frequency step: 1Hz
   23  Output level : 30W/50W +/-2dB, step 0.1dB
   23  Signal stability: +/- 0.1dB/10degrees
   23  In band ripple: < 1dB, Echo Cancellation off
   23  In band ripple: < 1dB, Echo Cancellation off
   23  Maximum MER: 34dB typical
   23  Shoulder and out of band rejection: >45dB
   23  Spurious: 36dB relative to total power?
   23  Return loss: >15dB
   23  Output connector type: N female, 50 Ohm

Gap Filler Performance:
   23  Digital filter shaping and tilt +/-2dB, step 0.2dB
   23  Minimum transit time <5us
   23  Echo cancellation range: 1.5us to 448us
   23  Gain margin: -12dB max
   23  Echo attenuation: >40 dB
   23  MER loss: < 2 dB
   23  Temperature management: RF mute or Power off at critical temperature


ATSC Gap Filler Special Features:
Shaping filter delay: 5,6,7,9us
   23  Shoulder and out of band rejection: >54dB
   23  Maximum MER: 38dB typical
   23  Gain margin: -4dB @ MER=27.3dB
   23  Echo attenuation: >30dB
   23  Pilot carrier phase noise: < -93 dBc/Hz@ 20KHz

Build-in Test Mode:
   23  PRBS TS Sequence
   23  Central Carrier Cancelled mode for noise test
   23  Iso-frequency Antenna coupling test

Clock Reference:
   23  Internal 10MHz
     To stability : +/-1ppm(typical)
     Time stability: +/- 1 ppm /year
     10MHz reference Output level: 0dBm +/- 3dB
   23 External 10MHz
     10MHz Input level: -15dBm to +15dBm
     Frequency: 10MHz+/-5ppm
     Input connector type: BNC female, 50 Ohm

Control Mode:
   23  Local control: 6 buttons, LCD screen, LED
   23  Remote control: WEB browser through IP Ethernet RJ-45, SNMP in option
   23  User friendly man machine interface

   23  Linear pre-correction: shaping filter
   23  Non linear pre-correction: AM-AM, AM-PM
Non linear Pre-correction:
Single shoulder and double shoulder.


Nb Point

Abscissa range

Ordinate Range




-12 dB to +12dB

-6dB to +6dB




-12 dB to +12dB

-25< to +25<


Physical Conditions:
   23  Power supply: AC 220V+/-15%
   23  Power Consumption: <220W for 30W Gap Filler
<300W for 50W Gap Filler
   23  Operating temperature: 0-40≧
   23  Dimension: L=500mm,W=482mm,H=89mm(2RU)
   23  Weight: 13 kg


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