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Digital IP Microwave Link, Model:i-PASO
Main Feature
1  System hardware configuration with IDU and ODU
1  Frequency Range: 6/7/8/10/11/13/15/18/23/26/28/32/38 GHz
1  Modulation Type: QPSK/16/32/64/128/256QAM
1  Bandwidth: 7/14/28/56MHz
1  Transmission Capacity: up to 460Mbps
1  Flexible clock synchronization, Pseudo wire emulation
1  Ethernet ring and TDM ring, dual ring network
1  Nodal radio solution
1  Ring protection architecture available
1  High transmission efficiency
1  Advanced VLAN/ QoS implementation
1  Good maintenability with advanced Network Management System
1  Flexible Radio Network Design:1+0/2+0/1+1 (HS/SD/FD), CCDP (1+0)
1  Saving CAPEX and OPEX
1  Low power consumption and high gain
 Technical Specification
Indoor Unit(IDU) Performance:
1  Main Signal Interfaces:
—   16xE1 (up to 32x E1 available with additional card)
—   2 x10/100 Base-T(X) RJ45 connector (up to 4x 10/100/1000Base-T available)
—   2 x 1000Base-SX or LX with optional SFP modules (connector type: LC)
—   1x STM-1 (S 1.1 or L 1.1.) with optional card (connector type : LC)
1  MODEM has both native Ethernet and Native TDM signal processing circuit
1  Adaptive Modulation: QPSK/16/32/64/128/256QAM
1  Channel Bandwidth: 7/14/28/56 MHz
1  Transmission Capacity: up to 460Mbps
1  IDU and ODU link through coaxial-cable with automatic equalization for more than 300 meters.
1  Radio Protection Method: 1+1 HS/HS, HS/SD, FD (HS: Hot Stand by, SD: Side Diversity, FD: Frequency Diversity)
1  E1 Ring Protection: E1 SNCP
1  LAN Ring Protection: RSTP
Outdoor Unit(ODU) Transmitter:
1  Output power: 16-29dBm
1  Power stability: 6-28G:±1.5 dB,32-38G:±2.5 dB
1  Frequency stability: ≤6ppm
1  VSWR: ≤1.3
1  Output power adjustment range: 15dB
1  In-band flatness: ≤1dB
1  Spurious: ≤-60dBc
1  IF Output Frequency: 350 MHz
1  Connector: N type female with waterproof, Impedance 50Ω
Outdoor Unit(ODU) Receiver:
1  Rx sensitivity: -87.5dBm@ 6GHz QPSK
            -81dBm@6GHz 16QAM
            -78dBm@6GHz 32QAM
                     -75dBm@ 6GHz 64QAM
-72dBm@ 6GHz 128QAM
-68.5dBm@ 6GHz 256QAM
1  Noise Factor: ≤4.5dB
1  AGC Range: ≥60 dB
1  IF output level: 0±3dBm
1  IF Input Frequency: 140 MHz
1  Connector: N type female with waterproof, Impedance 50Ω
Control System:
1  Web browser via 10/100Base-TX / RJ-45
1  NMS Software via 10/100Base-TX / RJ-45
1  Power consumption:
ODU: 6-11GHz: 30W, 13-38GHz: 23W(1+0)
6-11GHz: 45W, 13-38GHz: 38W(1+1 Hot Standby)
6-11GHz: 60W, 13-38GHz: 46W(1+1 twin Path)
IDU: 45W
1  Operation Temperature:
IDU: -5~+50℃; ODU:-33~+50℃
1  Storage Temperature:
IDU: -25~+70℃; ODU:--45~+85℃
1  Humidity: IDU: 95% at +50℃; ODU: 0~100%
1  IDU Size: 482mm(W) x 44mm(H) x 240mm(L)
1  ODU Size:
6-8GHz:237mm(W) x 237mm(H) x 101mm(L)
10-38GHz: 239mm(W) x 247mm(H) x 68mm(L)
1   Weight: IDU: ≤3Kg
ODU: 6-11GHz: 3.5kg, 13-38GHz: 3kg

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