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Antenna Design and Simulation Software, Model:ANTIOS

The increasing occupation of radio frequencies requires new antenna designs capable of both meeting frequency allocation plans and the coverage requirements of each operator. Mobile communications and broadcasting networks must satisfy complex constraints designed to either reduce or eliminate possible interference.




Modelling such a complex problem has been solved with the arrival on the market of Antios software. This highly innovative product enables engineers to design systems using multiple horizontal or vertical dipole arrays arranged around the support.

 Main Features:
consider up to 128 panels on the structure
provides real time adjustment of the panels with immediate recalculation of the pattern
  1 uses real antenna elements from manufacturers data 
includes a new graphical antenna elements editor 
calculates vertical, horizontal and circularly polarised arrays 
models the effect of changes in coupling 
provides new wizards for phase and skew settings 
allows to compensate for zeros in patterns 
display patterns in polar or Cartesian formats 
visualize patterns in 3D
  1 calculates gain and three dimensional polar response 
exports 3D data direct to ICS Telecom and Htz Warfare 
exports 2D data to other planning tools 
exports ASCII 3D pattern 
prints reports on pattern and structure
 Hardware Requirements
  1 Processor 1 GHz or more 
  1  RAM: 512 Mb minimum 
  1  Hard disk: 500 Mb of free space after set-up of program 
  1  17 inches screen 
  1  32 Mb AGP Graphic adapter & 3D graphic accelerator 
  1  Windows 2000 or XP 
  1  CD writer for backup
The third dimension in antenna design
As the radio spectrum becomes more congested, our need to critically engineer antennas to match both frequency plans and coverage requirements has increased dramatically. Broadcast and mobile communications engineers must synthesize electrically complex arrays with specific polar responses for each site to meet given response masks or null interference.The modeling of such complex arrays has traditionally been a highly complicated task that is until the arrival of Antios.Antios allows the engineer to design any array using multiple unitary dipoles spaced around the support structure in both horizontal and vertical axes, with each level containing differing numbers of elements.
The result is a complete three dimensional expression of polar response and a specification of the antenna elements, mechanical positions of the antenna elements, mechanical positions and relative phasing required to produce it.Antios presents a completely remodeled user interface as well as new functions that facilitate the optimization of antenna systems.Version 1 already proposed all the functions allowing for the calculation of send-out charts in 2D and 3D resulting from the  various antennas’ coupling on the same station. Advanced display functions made it possible to analyze the antenna diagram in all directions.Antios includes from now on the diagram visualization in real time as
he user modifies the mechanical and electric configuration of antennas. A very complete editor allows the user to type in the parameters of each unit antenna as a function of frequency. Of course, Antios is more than ever compatible with ICS telecom nG, HerTZ mapper and HTZ warfare nG software.
 Compatibility with ATDI’s tools
 ICS telecom nG
ICS telecom nG is the key package in a planner’s toolkit. It is capable of modeling radio systems of any size from intensive local areas to extensive countrywide regions.
ICS telecom nG enables the planning engineer to develop rapidly and economically wide networks. It features applications throughout all modern radio networks, both fixed and mobile and across the frequency range 10 kHz to 450 GHz.
ICS telecom nG integrates easily with an existing environment, whatever its size or structure, in local mode or within a corporate network.
 HTZ warfare nG
HTZ warfare nG is a comprehensive radio planning software application for civil and military networks. HTZ warfare nG can be configured by the user to be the specialist toolbox for electronic warfare mission planning, technical spectrum management, network planning or just as a simple coverage and link planning tool for field operations. HTZ warfare nG is designed to allow integration into other systems, like system mission planning suites, spectrum management/monitoring systems or individual system frequency management packages.

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