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 Company Profile
Digital Horizon was founded in March 2002 in Beijing and it was merged with PBI China of Prime Group in 2012. Prime Group (PESI), listed in the Taiwan stock exchange market, is a leading industry group in the domain of TV broadcast equipment and system manufacturing. PBI is a subsidiary of Prime Group in China and it is created in 1993 to make mass production of all the TV headend and STB.
The key figures of Prime Group are as below:
   1  Registered capital is 50M USD
   1  Revenue of 2011 is 400M USD
   1  Head quarter in Taiwan with 5 subsidiaries in Mainland China
   1  More than 5000 employees
   1  Digital TV headend equipment production of 150k units with a revenue of 120M USD
   1  Major Digital TV STB manufacturer listed among the top 10 in China with annual production of 7Millions units in 2011
   1  Satellite TV LNB production of 1 Million per year
Prime/PBI/Digital Horizon is an industrial leader in TV and broadcast equipment research development and manufacturing in China. Our products are commercialized in China under our own brand name PBI/Digital Horizon and worldwide through the network of our distributors and resellers in OEM basis. We constantly received the business and technical report from our sales network to follow up the new demand of the customer and improve the quality of our products.
Digital Horizon is specialized in providing products and solutions for satellite, cable, terrestrial and IP networks. Our products are used in applications such as digital TV broadcast, contribution, distribution, in-house signal distribution and routing, post-production, live event coverage. We have delivered systems and products world-wide.
We keep close relation and build strong partnership with the main technology providers in the digital TV industry such as Sumsung, Sony, NTT, Thomson, Teamcast, ATDI, ST Microelectronics, Broadccom, ALI, Mstar , etc
We are also engaged in the end to end digital TV system instegration services by using our own products and the products from our partners. Today, we can provide to TV operator and broadcaster with  turn key solution of DVB-T/T2 terrestrial TV, DVB-C cable TV, DVB-S/S2 satellite TV and IPTV systems. Our team can work from site survey, system architecture definition, to system installation, integration and commissioning.
Product Lines
Our product line is divided into 3 categories and they consist of: 
Digital TV Headend Product Line :
   1  MPEG2/H.264 SD/HD Encoder
   1  Digital TV Remux/Scrambler
   1  Digital to Digital TV Trans-modulator
   1  Digital to Analog TV Trans-modulator
   1  SD/HD Professional IRD
   1  Analog and Digital TV source splitter
   1  Analog and Digital TV source switch
   1  Analog TV Modulator
   1  Accessories
Digital Terrestrial TV Product Line
   1  DVB-T/T2 Modulator
   1  DAB/T-DMB Modulator
   1  DMB-T Modulator (Chinese Terrestrial standard)
   1  CMMB Modulator ( Chinese Mobile TV standard)
   1  ISDB-T Modulator ( Japanese TV standard)
   1  MMDS TV Transmitter
   1  UHF TV Transmitter
IPTV Product Line
   1  Low Bit Rate Encoder
   1  IPTV and VOD streaming server
   1  P2P Shunt server
   1  DRM content protection and authorization
   1  Subscriber management and billing
   1  VoIP, Video search, TV audience measure
Terminal Product Line
   1  DVB-T/T2 STB
   1  DVB-C STB
   1  DVB-S/S2 STB
   1  Hybrid DVB+IP STB
Main Projects

1  DTMB Deployment in Laos
   1  Analog MMDS Network to Digital MMDS Network Transition in Mongolia
   1  Analog Cable TV to Digital Cable TV Transition in Thailand 
   1  Digital Terrestial TV Network DVB-T to DVB-T2 Upgrade in Mongolia
   1  Digital Terrestial TV Network DVB-T Deployment in Gabon
   1  Digital Terrestial TV Network DVB-T Deployment in Ghana
   1  Digital MMDS Network by DVB-T in Sudan
   1  Mobile TV Broadcasting Network Deployed in Beijing and Shanghai

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