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Radio Network Simulation and Planning Software, Model:ICS TELECOM

ICS telecom is the key package in the planners’ toolkit. It is capable of modelling any size of radio system from intensive local area to extensive countrywide.
ICS telecom provides benefit at all stages of network ownership including tasks such as:
  1  Technology evaluation 
  1  Business modelling 
  1  Infrastructure dimensioning 
  1  Network planning 
  1  Spectrum optimisation 
  1  Network proving 
  1  Engineering data sharing 
  1  System administration 
  1  Network optimisation

ICS telecom enables the planning engineer to develop rapidly and economically wide networks.

ICS telecom has applications throughout all modern radio networks, both fixed and mobile and across the frequency range 10kHz to 450GHz, including aeronautical systems, broadcast TV and radio, cellular, fixed radio access, land mobile, marine systems, microwave bearer, mobile data, paging, radar, satellite, telemetry.

Main Features:

LMDS / Mesh (TDMA, FDMA, CDMA, DECT…): Design & Total Planning
Search & optimise Base Station localization 
  1  Associate each subscriber to the best base station according to spectrum occupancy (FDMA) and traffic 
  1  Calculate Link Budget for each subscriber 
  1  Analyze each station load 
  1  Frequency planning and advanced interferences analysis

Analogue & Digital Broadcast
Covered Population Analysis 
  1  Co-existence between analogue and digital networks 
  1  Frequency planning and Spectrum Optimization 
  1  Differential time delay consideration

Microwaves P2P & PMP Management
Point to Point Link Design 
  1  Link Budget 
  1  Point to Point Link Analysis 
  1  Frequency Planning / Interference Analysis

Mobile Network PMR, Tetra, Paging, GSM,…
Network design 
  1  Cell planning 
  1  Coverage analysis 
  1  Frequency planning 
  1  Interference calculation 
  1  Traffic analysis 
  1  Handover

3G dedicated Features
Existing Site Validation (GSM…) 
  1  Network Analysis 
  1  Network Design and Roll-out 
  1  Multi-service traffic modeling



3D Radio Network Planning
3D screen capture showing coverage from two transmitters and a link between two microwave sites. In 3D mode, users have the ability to view a project from any angle, any height and to zoom in or out of a project, restricted only by the users map resolution. In this view a town is shown in the foreground with hills rising beyond.




Analyse Potential Interference
Few radio networks today enjoy the freedom of noise limited coverage. Spectrum demand means frequency sharing. ICS telecom lets the planner analyse the resulting interference and balance network availability with spectrum resource and budget.



Best Server
In fixed radio access networks and indeed anywhere where links are needed to a multiplicity of outstations or subscribers, knowledge of which base station serves best is critical to antenna orientation at that subscriber. The report shown can also include 2nd, 3rd…, best server


Full Link Path Analysis
Comprehensive link path analysis is standard within ICS Telecom showing a full and detailed cross section of the terrain and path geometry. ICS Telecom gives the Radio Network Planning Engineer the confidence that a path between users will be available when needed.


Directional Subscriber Antennas
ICS Telecom has an internal equipment database that comes as standard. The tool allows the user to design their own antennas for use at base stations, link terminals and at subscribers. These polar responses can be viewed and used in 3D, allowing the Network Planner virtually unlimited network modelling potential.



High Capacity Sites Database
Individual subscribers are now included in a powerful separate database mirroring the transition from general area planning through to installed base with known future prospects thus developing the network from concept to roll out. Data may also be imported from a network planning departments existing database.


Multi-media Database per Site
Sites can comprise hundreds of co-located base station/terminal equipments. Each base station/terminal has the ability to be linked to Microsoft Word, Access, audio files, AVI files and to a range of Image file formats. This powerful utility gives the Network Planner the ability to log completely the history, current status and future of any site within their network.


UNICODE version
ICS Telecom is now available in UNICODE version: all strings left to the user’s convenience can be entered using UNICODE characters (Chinese, Japanese…).


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