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Digital TV Statistical Re-multiplexer with Trans-rater and Splicer, Model:Net Processor 9040
The Thomson NetProcessor 9040 is an integrated MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 standard and high-definition transport stream processor featuring video processing capabilities, including transrating and splicing. The system is targeted at broadcasters, content owners, and network operators looking to migrate from DVB ASI legacy environments to IP-based infrastructures and is ideal for localizing or remodeling content.
The 9040 provides multiplexing, re-multiplexing, PSI/SI processing, transrating, splicing, data injection, ad insertion, and the scrambling of hundreds of services received and delivered over DVB ASI and telecom interfaces. It can also be used as to manage bandwidth by combining local or geographically distributed encoders in the same pool with incoming transrated programs, using hybrid remote Flextream™ technology.
Interfaces including ASI, Gigabit Ethernet/IP, PDH-SONET, and SDH/ATM make the NetProcessor ideal for replacing multiple previous-generation multiplexers and network adaptors with a single device.
NetProcessor 9040 also features dual network interfaces and dual hot-swappable power supplies.
Key Features
1  Up to 22 ASI mix of inputs and outputs, up to 213 Mb/s per interface
1  Input and output telecom interfaces:
       —    2x PDH-SDH-SONET/ATM
       —    2x Gigabit Ethernet/IP ports
1  Dual DVB-S/S2 Front-End
1  Multiplexing/remultiplexing of a large number of transport streams received over ASI and telecom interfaces
1  Multiple transport streams generated and delivered over the output interfaces
1  Splicing and/or transrating of many tens of TV channels
1  Compliant with SCTE35 and SCTE30 for ad/local program insertion (DPI)
1  Advanced management of PSI/SI/PSIP tables, service filtering, and remapping

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