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DVB-T2 Modulator/Exciter with Transmitter M&C, Model: Twister
Key Benefits
• Top class of RF signal performances
• Worldwide leading and field-proven DVB-T2 technology
• Cost-effective solution (Design-To-Cost)
• Straightforward integration within transmitter
• Ready-to-drive Power Amplifier Stages
• Cutting Edge Digital Adaptive Precorrection algorithm (GAP®)
• DualCast modulation for smooth Analogue to Digital transition


TWISTER is a very innovative and unique solution especially designed to meet transmitter manufacturers’ demand for integrating a high-end and cost-effective modulator/ exciter within their own transmitter design. TWISTER comes as the ideal choice for any Transmitter manufacturers’ who are willing to hit new market opportunities with limited investment and in a very short-time period. It features several key functionalities such as built-in Automatic Gain Control (AGC), embedded monitoring (SNR, Shoulder levels, forwarded & reflected power levels) as well as comprehensive WEB GUI control, to ease integration process and to drive the Power Amplifier stage in the most efficient way. TWISTER Digital Adaptive Precorrection circuits, powered by TeamCast GAP® - Green Adaptive Processing - algorithm, permits to run transmitters very closed to their saturation limit, with unequalled RF signal performances and allowing significant gain in transmitter Power Efficiency.

World-wide leading and proven DVB-T2 technology

TWISTER inherits from the world-wide leading DVB-T2 technology designed by TeamCastalready in use in most of the DVB-T2 commercial networks today in operation. TeamCast DVB-T2 modulation core brings unmatched standard usage flexibility supporting MFN System A, SFN System B, SISO/MISO, Multi-PLP layered modulation and hybrid T2-Base & T2-Lite simultaneous transmission.




1 DVB-T2: EN 302 755 v1.3.1, TS 102 831, TS 102 773 (T2-MI)
1 DVB-T: EN 300 744, TS 101 191
1  PAL: ITU-R BT.470-7, ITU-R BT.1700, ITU-R BT.1701-1
ASI Stream Interfaces
1 2 x ASI input BNC connectors - 75 Ω
1 1 x ASI output BNC connector - 75 Ω
1 188/204 Bytes- 80 Mbps maxi. Packet/burst mode
Gigabit Streaming Inputs (Option)
1 2 x 10/100/1000 base-T - RJ45
1 Protocols: IP, RTP, UDP, IGMP (V2 & V3)
1 VLAN ID (1 to 4094) - IEEE 802.1q
1 TS encapsulation and FEC decoding: SMPTE-2022
RF Outputs
1 RF output from 470 MHz up to 862 MHz, up to 0 dBm (modulator
rack), up to 20dBm (exciter rack)
     - N connector 50 Ω
1 High MER: 44dB (typical)
1 Low level (-20 dB) output available for monitoring
    - SMA connector 50 Ω
AGC input (Option)
1 VDC (external sensor) or RF input - user selectable
1 User-configurable AGC high limit
1 SNR, left & right shoulders, forwarded & reflected powers
 Clock and Synchronization
1 10 MHz & 1 PPS input/output
1 Onboard GPS/GLONASS (option)
Stream Process and Modulation
1 Stream input redundancy management
1 Transmission modes: MFN, SFN-SISO, SFN-MISO
1 Modulation modes: System A, System B, Multi-PLP
1 T2-Lite 1.3.1 Annex 1 (option)
1 Test modes: PRBS, Sinus, Spectrum-Gap and Null
Symbol insertion
Digital Adaptive Precorrection
1 Linear DAP: Amplitude ±3 dB, Delay 0 to 3μs
1 Non Linear DAP: Phase ±180°
1 Crest Factor Reduction (PAPR) and Protection clipping
1 2 x RF feedback inputs for DAP: -15 dBm to -5 dBm
     - SMA connector 50 Ω
Control & Monitoring
1 1 x 10/100/1000 base-T Ethernet port
1 Customizable Web GUI and SNMP
1 LCD Front Panel Display
1 Dimensions: (D x W x H) 250 x 483 x 44 mm
1 Weight: 4.5 Kg
1 Operating temperature range: 0°C to 50°C
1 Power supply: 90 to 240 VAC - 50 Hz
Ordering Information
XTTR-TWS0-3032 DVB-T/T2 rack modulator - with UHF output, DAP and onboard GPS 
XTTR-TWS0-3033 DVB-T/T2 rack modulator - with UHF output, DAP and onboard GPS/GLONASS
XTTR-TWS0-4x3x DVB-T/T2 rack exciter - with UHF output (up to +20dBm) and DAP
XTTR-TWS0-X2XX Rack with PAL modulation
XTTO-TWS0-TSIP TSoIP input streaming license for TWISTER
XTTO-TWS0-T2LI T2-Lite software license for TWISTER
XTTO-TWS0-EGAP Green Adaptive Processing (GAP) software license for TWISTER
XTTO-TWS0-AGC Automatic Gain Control software license for TWISTER

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