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Ethernet over Cable Terminal, Model:ETE-Mono,Duo,Trio
Main Feature 
              1 Compliant with IEEE 1901, HomePlug AV, IEEE 802.1p/q , IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3x/u
    1  Triple Play over coaxial cable with TV, Ethernet, WIFI and VoIP services
    1  Cable TV input RF Band 47MHz-860MHz, IP Input RF Band 7.5MHz-30MHz
    1  IP useful bit rate at 45Mb/s
    1  TDMA channel access to ensure video Streaming QoS
    1  CSMA/CA to avoid network collision and contention
    1  Support ToS/CoS data packet classifier QoS Management
    1  Support IEEE 802.1q tag-based and port-based VALN
        1  Multicast, IGMP Proxy and Snooping for TV and VoIP serivices
    1      WIFI 54/48/36/24/18/12/9/6M or 11/5.5/2/1M transmission bit rate automatic adaptation
    1      Support 64/128/152 byte WEP encryption,WPA/WPA2, IEEE802.1X,
    1      VoIP service, compatible with SIP protocol with RG-11 port
    1      Maximum uplink/downlink bandwidth control of each terminal
    1      128-bit AES Encryption with key management for transmission security
    1      Single equipment management by SNMPv3/CLI/WEB/TELNET/SSH2
    1      Global System Network Management Sofotware based on web, configuration and supervision of all the EoC masters and terminals in the network
    1      Remote Firmware Update of the EoC terminal
    1      Powered by 12V AC-DC adapter

Technical Specification

EoC Terminal Feature:
  1  Compliant with IEEE 1901 (Draft), Home Plug AV      IEEE 802.3p/q, IEEE 802.3x, and IEEE 802.3u
  1  Modulation mode: BPSK , QPSK, 8/16/64/256/1024-QAM
  1  Encryption mode: 128-bits AES
  1  Working mode: TDMA/CSMA
  1  PPPoE,SSID,DHCP and dynamic DNS function
  1  Tag-based VLAN and port-based VALN, up to 4094 VLAN groups
  1  Support IGMP Multicast Proxy and Snooping
  1  Support VLAN/DSCP priorities
  1  Support ToS/CoS data packet classifier

Cable RF Input:
  1  RF input frequency range: 7.5MHz to 860MHz
  1  Reception Sensitivity:-65dBm
  1  Cable RF Input: 1 x F type female, Impedance 75Ohm
  1  Cable RF output: 1 x F type connector, Impedance 75Ohm

Cable RF Input:
      1    Cable RF Output port number: 1
  1  RF output frequency range: 47MHz to 860MHz
  1  Connector type: 1 x F type connector, Impedance 75Ohm

Ethernet Output:
  1 Output port number: 3x10/100M auto-adaptive
  1  Useful bit rate: up to 85Mbps
  1  Connector type: RJ-45

WiFi Output option(ETE-Dua)):
      1    Support 802.11b/g/n WIFI standard
  1  Frequency: 2.4 to 2.483GHz
  1  Useful bit rate: up to 1 to 270Mbps adaptive
  1  Number of channel: 13
  1  Output power: 20dBm EIRP

VoIP Features option(ETE-Trio):
      1    Compliant SIP v2.0 (RFC 3621/RFC 3262) protocol
        1  Support H.248 protocol
     1  Support G.711,G723.1 and G.729A/AB coding
     1  Voice Activity Detection(VAD),Comfortable Noise Generation(CNG) and Echo Cancelation
  1  Advanced jitter buffer control
  1  Support standard voice function
  1  Support Fax pass-through & T.38 FoIP Fax
  1  Connector: 1 x RJ11

Control and Management:
  1  6 LEDs for status monitoring
  1  Individual EoC master and terminal management by Http/Web/Telnet, SSH2, SNMPv2,v3
  1  Centralized global system management of EOC masters and terminals based on the web

Physical Parameters:
  1  Power supply: AC-DC adapter 12V
  1  Power consumption: ≤5 W
  1  Working temperature: -25℃ to +55℃
  1  Dimension:150mm(L)×110mm(W)×34mm(H)
  1  Weight: 310g

Order Information

Model Description
ETE-Mono EoC Terminal with TV and Ethernet
ETE-Duo EoC Terminal with TV, Ethernet and WIFI
ETE-Trio EoC Terminal with TV, Ethernet, WIFI and VoIP
ETE-Trio Block Diagram
Typical Application

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